Flipping Sides

Sunday morning, 8:45 AM, the final day he’d decided, in which he would entertain this, proving to be entirely pointless search, either she showed up now or he would go back to his regular routine, if he could even remember what it was anymore.

The cutoff point having come and gone, he gathered his stuff, paid his bill and prepared to walk out of that forsaken coffee shop, he turned around, only to see her standing there.

She walked towards him with a look of nonchalant familiarity and an indifferent attitude, acting seemingly as if she had only been gone for five minutes, instead of six days.

She sat down at the table, with body language that said that she absolutely expected him to sit back down and join her, and though unsure, somewhat confused and entirely hesitant, he was happy to comply.

“Who are you?” He asked her, not as an attempt at guilt or indirect, subtle solicitation of an emotion she couldn’t possibly feel at that particular juncture but rather, out of genuine bewilderment and stunned amazement as to how a person could behave this way.

“So, how bad did you miss me?”

“I didn’t miss you, I don’t even know you.”

“Then why did you come here every day this week?”

“I don’t know, I keep asking myself that very same question, I don’t suppose you know.”

“You like me, that’s why you came here.”

“I just don’t see how that’s possible.” He spoke softly as he stared pensively at her, and shook his head.

“… And yet it’s true, so, when are we going out?”

“You want to go out with me?”

“Not particularly, but I figure since you like me so much, I might as well give you a shot.”

He chuckled, a breathy, weak, almost imperceptible chuckle, one that denoted a moment of incredulity rather than humor, and as he looked at her, wondering if he’d been bewitched, he decided the best course of action, would be to leave her wanting more.

He then leaned in close to her, gave her a mysterious look and told her, “I’ll let you know next week,” before proceeding to walk out, victorious he thought, not only since he’d kept his emotions in check, but since he’d also resisted her allure.

“Any particular day next week?” She shouted as he walked away.

Pausing mid-gait he turned his head momentarily to say, “just be here, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

He was feeling hopeful and reinvigorated as he left, confident that despite her words, she did want to go out with him. As he walked out of the coffee shop that day, it suddenly occurred to him that he had never felt better in his life, though he was not entirely sure why.

The End

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