Update: story I now have a much better view of, though I did end up writing a lot more than I had previously, I think it's about a guy that gets had by a con artist girl but, not sure how that happens or if what I wrote is any good but, there it is, take it for what it is.

Thursday morning, May 27, 2010, he’d been single for about a year and was only now revisiting the old coffee shop, the same one he used to frequent before it became inseparable from her.

He decided to order the same thing he’d ordered the day he met her, perhaps thinking of her somewhere in the back of his mind, hoping to recreate the same… Shall we say “dark magic” that occurred that day.

Wednesday morning, July 25, 2007, he didn’t give her much thought when he first saw her, “just some random broad” he thought, who for some unknown reason decided to sit with and talk to him.

He had coffee, with two scoops of sugar, some cream, and a Danish to top it off. She’d ordered green tea, a healthy alternative, perhaps trying to offset the unhealthiness of the cheesy breakfast sandwich she’d also ordered.

She uttered “hi” to him in a low, almost imperceptible whisper, a whisper that truly befit her tiny stature as she couldn’t have been more than 5’2”. Her tea came in a packet so she’d really only ordered a breakfast sandwich and a cup of hot Water.

He’d brought his laptop with him to check out the teaser trailers for upcoming attractions, as well as to document his thoughts about them on his daily blog entry.

He opened it, turned it on, and arrived at the appropriate website as the waitress delivered and set their food on the table.

“Hi” she once again said to him, only to have him smile politely at her before returning his attention to his laptop, taking a sip of his coffee and a small bite of his strawberry Danish.

Waiting for the trailer to load, he turned his attention outside where he noticed a man smoking a pipe walking somewhat quickly, in a hurry perhaps, to an oncologist appointment.

His unwanted, but not completely unwelcome tablemate continued her attempts to strike up a conversation with him, saying, “I see you’re watching new movie trailers, you mind if I watch some with you?”

Although it was an unwelcome intrusion, it wasn’t anything so egregious that he couldn’t still enjoy his breakfast and viewing experience. They were okay trailers he thought, which certainly did what they were intended to do, that being to tease the viewer mercilessly, showing just enough to arouse curiosity and excitement.

“I liked them,” she said to him in a too-enthusiastic-too-early-in-the-morning sort of way, with an eagerness that desired a response.

Her persistence would have normally called for a rude but concise response, his version of an insect repellent for any unwanted social butterflies.

Yet something about the genuine openness of her demeanor struck his heartstrings at just the right note to make him change his tune, and at the same time elicit a smile.

“They were okay, I kind of wish they were longer but then there’d be no point to watching the actual movies, right?”

She smiled and nodded eagerly, the kind of nod that would be more characteristic of an elementary school attending bright eyed little girl, rather than a fully grown woman however small in stature said woman may be.

“What’s your name?” He asked her, his curiosity towards her at last piqued, perhaps by her seemingly innocent and youthful nature, or perhaps because of a desire to ascertain the reason she decided to sit with him.

“Wendy,” she replied holding her gaze, clearly smiling through her eyes with a look of satisfaction written so clearly upon her face that even a blind man could have read it.

“That’s a nice name” he replied, his curiosity even further intrigued with one exception, this time there was no doubt as to why his curiosity had been aroused.

There was something in the way she looked at him, a playful innocence which was at times obscured by a frightening boldness, or was it a boldness instead, attempting to camouflage itself behind a youthful demeanor?

These questions in his mind had to be answered though he was unsure and somewhat wary now as to how to best approach these questions. Ultimately though, he decided that the best route was the direct route so he began by just flat out asking her, “Why did you decide to sit here as opposed to other, freer tables?”

Glancing momentarily at him with the same look she’d given him when she stated her name, she replied, “No reason.”

“I don’t believe that,” he replied in an assertive tone, that said he wouldn’t tolerate her presence any longer, at least not without some answers on her part.

“Can’t a girl just sit somewhere without getting her head bitten off? I just thought you looked like fun.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah why, were you expecting something more?”

“So you’ve just been messing with me this whole time?”

“Pretty much, you’re an easy mark.”

“Yeah okay, but why the innocent act?”

“All you guys are the same, you like them beautiful and ditzy, I was just happy to comply.”

“So what, you were just giving me what I wanted?”

“You talked to me didn’t you?”

“I just didn’t want to be rude.”

“Yeah right, are you telling me you’re not the least bit curious about me?”

“Maybe a little, but if it was all just an act then perhaps my curiosity was unwarranted and I should just be on my way.”

“Maybe it was, and maybe you should be on your way, but what if it wasn’t?”

He looked at her quizzically as he took a bite of his Danish and chewed, though uncharacteristically slowly; perhaps due to the fact that it wasn’t just the pastry he was chewing on.

Not waiting for a reply, seeing as he was examining her, analyzing what little he knew about her and considering her words, she asked him, “Are you willing to take that chance?”

He opened his mouth to speak but she interrupted him before he could say anything by saying, “Tell you what, you decide you want to know more about me, I’ll be here next week.”

“Okay, any particular day next week?”

“Nope, we’ll just have to see how desperate you are to see me again,” she stated as she got up, wrapped up her sandwich and tucked it in her purse, poured her tea into a small thermos and proceeded to exit the coffee shop.

“Oh yeah, thanks for breakfast,” she shouted just before the door closed, obviously leaving without paying, forcing him to pick up the tab.

The End

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