Licence to Thrill

Amy woke up before it was light, her stomach tying itself into knots with excitement. 

Wow! I’m going to visit the movie set today and spend time with the enigmatic ‘Carter’. 

She wondered to herself if that was his first or second name.

It was pointless trying to sleep so she got up and made herself coffee and forced herself to eat a piece of toast although she was sick with nerves. 

“What on earth do I wear?”

Going through her wardrobe Amy tore out clothes and rejected them just as fast. In the end she pulled on her favourite Levis with a plain white T-shirt and flat pumps. Not knowing what would be expected of her and how far she’d have to walk, this seemed a better idea than donning her high heeled sandals. 

At 9am on the dot there was the sound of a car horn outide her window and quickly picking up her shoulder bag and sunglasses, Amy rushed down the communal staircase, past the coffee bar and out into the morning sunlight.

A small Fiat was waiting, double parked and taking up most of the road width, much to the outrage of the vehicles behind it. Amy jumped in quickly, only to be met with an icy glare by a beautiful, Italian girl who, Amy realised, must be Carter’s assistant.

“Hi - I’m Amy”, she smiled at the haughty features of the other girl.

“Francesca”, she said and without another word expertly steered the car into the traffic and sped towards the movie location.

“I don’t know why he suggested you come today, you’ll only be in the way.” Francesca said coldly, in fluent English, “You know he probably won’t be able to spend any time with you”.

Amy was shocked at the the other girl’s rudeness and realised dejectedly that it was going to be a very different day to the one that she’d hoped for.

The End

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