Well, hello Mr Bond

You have got to be kidding me. No wonder he was so smooth. And gorgeous. Okay. Be smart.
"So...would you like this coffee stirred? I wouldn't recommend shaken"

He laughs. I push the coffee towards him, the crema gleaming on the smooth dark liquid. His long fingers grazes the cup. He holds my gaze for a few precious seconds that feels like forever.

"Thank you. Amy."

He lifts the cup to his lips. His first sip is followed by an ever so slight sigh - a subtlety reserved for coffee lovers appreciating truly great coffee.

"So, what's it going to be called? The film. Or is it a secret?"

Please let it be the one by...

He didn't give me a chance to finish my thoughts.

"Devil May Care. It's based on the novel by Seb.."

"Sebastian Faulks! I've actually read that one!"

His phone rang before he could respond.

"Carter." He listened for a while, responding with a few yes's and no's, giving me no clues as to what the call was about. When he finished the call, he returned his phone to his pocket, took out his wallet and placed a note on the table.

"Thank you for the coffee, Amy."

I stared at him as he walked out. He paused at the door, turned around and said:

"If you'd like, you could come watch us film tomorrow."

"Wow, really? That would be great!" Overeager much?

He smiled. "Good. My assistant will pick you up tomorrow at 9 am. Here."

And with that, he was out the door.



The End

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