Hang on to your cup

"Ciao, I'll have a long black please."

"Umm ok no problem coming right up!" Coming right up?! What the heck, I never say that! Argh relax Amy, he's super cute sure, but take a breath for God's sake!

 I clumsily grab for the bag of coffee beans and drop it sending beans skating over the floor like marbles. I scold myself under my breath. What has gotten in to me?! I look up. He seems to be watching my every move.

"How's your day going?" Casually asks the gorgeous man that is currently standing about a metre in front of me making me feel like a 16 year old school girl. 

"Yes good. I mean good yes thanks. I mean just good." Oh my god. Amy pull yourself together. "What brings you to Italy?" I could tell he wasn't Italian but I wasn't sure if he was from Australia or New Zealand.

"Work. I'm on location. And where do you hail from...?" There was a long pause. "That was my attempt at asking what your name is" He smiles wryly.

"Amy. On location?" 

"Yes, I'm here filming James Bond."

The End

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