Coffee at a Cafe

A writer suffering from writer's block poses as an unwanted guest at a cafe.

The writer stared glumly at the notebook in front of him. The café was empty except for him, which was odd given the number of people that could be seen walking about outside. He had a glass on the table beside his notebook, stained from the most recent sip he had taken from it. The coffee seemed as dull as the piece of paper. No, thought the writer, I have to do better than this, I must look beyond the dullness, I must delve into its soul, deep, until I can truly comprehend its meaning. He groaned he couldn’t seem to find any more meaning in the cup of dull liquid other than what he already saw. Maybe I should quit he thought; this seems like an altogether pointless profession.

The waiter peeked through the edge of the counter; the man was still there, looking miserable. He didn’t like people who looked miserable. Besides he had been sitting there for over an hour and hadn’t finished his coffee yet. I have to turn him out thought the waiter; he must broke and looking for a place to spend his time. Yet, he was the only customer he had had all day. ‘Excuse me, are you waiting for somebody?’ he asked from the counter. The man nodded absent mindedly.

The waiter was quiet for a while, then when he could bear it no longer, ‘May I ask, though it is none of my business who this somebody is?’ The man remained passive, after a pause he said, ‘As you pointed out, it does rather seem like none of your business.’ The waiter blushed, he was being too inquisitive. The man returned to staring at his notebook, suddenly he smiled, ‘If you must know I am waiting for someone…’ he paused, no doubt to let curiosity overcome the waiter.

The waiter didn’t notice this and an awkward silence settled down over the café. The writer cleared his throat in frustration. The waiter suddenly responded, ‘Who is this someone?’ he asked.

The writer smiled smugly, letting out a sign of satisfaction, he banged the table quickly and softly a number of times, using this as a drum roll, ‘That somebody is… Inspiration!’

The End

The End

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