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Ryan followed us to our table and I bit my lower lip. I didn't want him sitting with us but he passed it off as wanting to talk about photography. I left to get my food and a good, strong cup of black coffee. When I went back to the table, the air was tense. I cleared my throat quietly, sitting down beside Caleb. He immediately put his arm around my shoulders.

"I'll be right back," Ryan said smoothly.

When he was out of earshot, Caleb made me look at him, his face serious.

"Don't listen to a word that guy said," he whispered.

"But... is it true? I mean... would you feel better if-?"

"Nope," he said, kissing me lightly. "Just you and me. No one else." I smiled and he nodded to my coffee. "Drink up. I'll hurry and get my food so you're not stuck with him."

I grinned at him then looked around. The buffet was large and, just outside was the casino. There were hundreds of slots to choose from. While Caleb had been taking pictures, I saw signs saying this was a hotel, too, and had a movie theater/food court combo in it. It was so large, it was almost intimidating.

"You a tourist?" a woman asked and I looked over. She saw me gawking. "Here."

She handed me a piece of paper. "What is this?" I asked.

"A list of things to do," she said. "I made it for any tourists I meet along the way."

I smiled. "Forgive my question, but do you live in the casino?"

"No," she said. "It's one of my favorite buffets, though."

"Thank you," I said with a grin. "I'll show it to my boyfriend when he gets back."

She winked and went back to her breakfast. I ate my eggs and bacon quickly. My main desire was the coffee. I blew on it while I looked at the list.

"If you blow on our coffee like that, I wonder how you blow your boyfriend," Ryan said with a smirk on his face. I didn't answer and just kept looking at the list. I didn't even remember him getting back. "Of course, it could be you're not into that. With breasts like yours-"

"Don't make me toss my coffee on you," I interrupted with a glare. "Caleb and I made it clear. We're not interested."

"It's fun," he said. "We could even do a foursome."

I leaned back in disgust. "That's gross. Please leave our table."

"Why? I'm comfy," he said and started eating. He winked. "Think about it."

"I have and I'm not interested," I said in a firm voice. "Take the hint."

Caleb sat down and Ryan shut up. I sighed and went back to the paper.

"What's that?" Caleb asked through a mouthful of toast.

"A woman gave it to me," I said and pointed. "It's some of the best places to go when in Vegas. I've heard of The Strip. Let's go there tonight."

"I bet you have a strip where you're from," Ryan said.

Caleb glared at him. "Shut the fuck up."

"Don't," I mumbled. "I want today to be fun."

"Then come back to my hotel with me," Ryan said.

"Leave us alone," I snapped. I cleared my throat. "There's an amusement park, too. It's indoors. Roller coasters, games, and even a water ride."

"Make sure you wear a white shirt," Ryan muttered into his coffee.

I gripped my coffee mug and Caleb shook his head at me.

"You'll burn him," he hissed.

"No I won't," I whispered. "But I'm one more dirty comment away from tossing it and dealing with the hangover myself."

He sighed. "Just tell me what else is on the list."

"That Treasure Island show the cab driver told us about. Apparently, they do this show and one of the ships even sinks."

"Where's your hidden treasure, Mirela?" Ryan asked with a suggestive wink.

"That's it!" I yelled and stood up.

Caleb stood, too, and held onto my arm. "Mirela," he began.

"No, Caleb. We've given him plenty of warnings." I glared at him. "I'm done with you."

He leaned back in his chair with a smile. People were starting to stare.

"I'll leave you alone if you show me those twins of yours."

My glare fell and Caleb groaned, trying to drag me to the exit. Before I walked off, though, I tossed the coffee on him.

"Fuck!" he yelled, pushing on the table and falling over. "What the fuck, bitch!?"

"I warned you," I spat and let Caleb drag me out.

I thought he'd be mad but he was laughing when we got to the exit. I crossed my arms and huffed. He put his hand on my back and steered me to the slots.

"I love you," he chuckled.


"Sorry," he said quickly. "I meant I love it when you do that."

I huffed again. "God. That's one reason I don't like going out to places like this. They gawk!"

"I gawk," he pointed out.

"That's different. You're my boyfriend. You're allowed to gawk now."

"Oh, I am?" he asked, pushing my hip with his and I giggled. "Let's just forget it happened and have some fun."


It turns out I suck at slots. I had awful luck and I gave up quickly. Caleb, on the other hand, had amazing luck and won at least $100 in one go.

When the sun started to go down, we had someone show us how to get to The Strip easily. We held hands and walked down it slowly. There was an arch that went over the road and it showed different advertisements as we walked. I giggled at a ridiculous headband with springy fluff balls on the top. Caleb immediately bought one and stuck it on my head.

"You look sexy," he complimented and I rolled my eyes, lacing our fingers.

A man at a vendor offered us some beer.

"No thanks," I said immediately. "I've had my experience."

Caleb laughed and got us water bottles. It was surprisingly hot in Las Vegas. It wasn't like Oklahoma, though. It didn't have the humidity we got.

Suddenly, the arch above us went bright blue and everyone stopped walking.

"What's everyone looking at?" I asked and looked up. I gasped. "Caleb, look!"

Animations of dolphins swimming along the arch were playing. Caleb sat down and pulled me with him. I leaned against him as we watched the light show. I grinned. I had never seen anything like this before. It was fascinating.

The show lasted about ten minutes then everyone went about their business.

"That must happen often," I said.

"Let's head back to the hotel," he said, glancing at his phone. "It's nearly 11."

"Okiedokes," I said and we turned to go back the way we came.

When we passed by the headband stand again, I bought one and forced it on Caleb's head. He laughed.

"We have to get a picture," he said and the vendor offered to do it.

Caleb looked nervous but handed him his camera. We did a silly pose and the man laughed, passing the camera back over. I stood on my toes and kissed Caleb's cheek as he put the strap back around his neck.

"I'm sleepy," I said with a yawn.

He rolled his eyes. "Hence the reason we're going back to the hotel."

"Oh shut up," I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

The End

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