Vincent, Cigars and a New AmericaMature

Newel felt the grasp of smoke take him when his hood was ripped from his head. A strong light burned against his eyes and his throat was dry from dehydration. 

"Edward, it truly is a pleasure." The man let a full intake of smoke blow against Newels face, causing the man to cough uncontrollably. "To the common man, high quality nicotine is a poison. But to the rest of us, it is a a prize to be sought and earned through hard work, labour - And controlling order." 

Newel spat out the words before he could reconsider. "You call that order?" His headed nodded towards Palacio's slumped body. 

"Not order, Mr Newel. That - that is necessary. An order of precaution. An influence on you." 

"An influence?!" Panic echoed in Edwards voice.

"Are you not afraid? Do you not feel fear? The darkness of the shadows, do they not close in on you, trapping you, preventing escape, preventing movement - Stopping all help?" 

Edward went white. His face flushed of all colour - He was already like a corpse. 

"Fear is natural. Look around you Edward, the shadows conceal the size of the room, it could be ten foot, or a thousand - And anything could lurk within the darkness." He chuckled to himself. "You could hear everything said to Palacio, you know my proposition - It is up to you now Mr Newel."

Newel looked around him. There was no light apart from the small lamp a few feet from him, and the glittering coming from the mans cigar. He raised his eyebrow as Edward glimpsed up at him. 

Another glimpse around the room, and a small attempt at shuffling from the restraints that bound him, he answered. "Whatever it is, whatever it takes - Once it gets me out of here, count me on your list of names that will be apart of a new America." 

The man smiled. "Welcome aboard Mr Newel, my name is Vincent - No last name." Vincent nodded and Newel had his hands untied. "Nothing personal Mr Newel." 

The henchman that untied Edward hit him heavily across the head - He was out cold. 

The End

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