Entering her room, Liriarne puffed out a sigh and shuffled over to her bed. She sat down and pulled her shoes off of her feet. Liriarne stretched her arms over her head and lay back to relax into her soft bed, her eyes fluttered closed and immediately she felt herself floating.
Liriarne forced her body to relax as she felt herself fading, her senses dimmed and sounds became nothing but a distant echo. Darkness descended and gripped her tightly, her muscles twitched and tightened. Liriarne felt herself being pulled abruptly, invisible hands yanked and pulled at her viciously as they tugged her into a different world. Her heartbeat stuttered in nervousness and sweat coated her upper lip and hair line. Her body felt like it was being squished through a small crack to get to the other side, her lungs contorted and burned for air. After a few heartbeats Liriarne was through, she gasped in air greedily. Her heart pounded a rapid tattoo against her ribcage as awareness of her surroundings crashed back into her. Liriarne blinked her eyes open and stared in wonder.

There were trees, lots and lots of trees everywhere. Tall trees, bushy leafed trees and fruit trees. She air smelled deliciously like pine and fruit, apples, pears and peaches. Birds tweeted and fluttered about, adding to the feel of nature and multiplying the beauty gloriously.
Here Liriarne felt at peace. Her toes sunk into the soft leave strewn ground as the blanket of nature wrapped around her softly, encasing her within serenity almost lovingly.
Liriarne slowly got to her feet and dusted off her ankle length dress as it fluttered slightly in the gentle wind. A slow grin spread across her face.
She felt like she was home, this place of utter peace and breath-taking beauty, Liriarne felt like she belonged.
She plucked an apple from a nearby tree and strolled out into a clearing of long bright green grass and patches of sunflower beds.
While walking through the long grass, bugs skated across her bare feet, tickling her skin and that had a shiver to skate up her spine.  She ignored the pesky insects and continued to walk through the thigh-high grass toward the small cabin that hovered at the edge of the clearing.
The brown cabin sagged to the left, almost as if it were slumping over in defeat at the continued battery of Mother Nature’s extremes. The paint peeled all along the face of the cabin, the wood was rotten and termite infested. The metal roof was coated in a thick layer of rust as weeds protruded from every hole in the cabin.
Liriarne grinned as she stared at it.
Ugly it may be, she loved this small little cabin. It had been there since she had first travelled to this dimension and many years later it still stood, battling day by day to remain wholesome.
She took another bite from her apple and strode into the cabin. The smell of musk and rotten wood greeted her. Liriarne inhaled deeply and sat down on the small cot that sat in the far corner.
Here, she felt like she was home. And for the time being, here was where she would stay.
Liriarne laughed merrily and polished off her apple.
“I love travelling.” She said into the silence of the cabin with a broad grin.

The End

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