Coexisting but CantankerousMature

All Edwin Newel could see when he regained consciousness was darkness. The bonds that restrained him held his body tightly in place against a steel chair. 

As Edwin tried to talk he salivated over the gag stuffed in his mouth, leaving him speechless and voiceless - He could not cry out for help, or whisper into the unknown for answers, he was a hostage to anonymous surroundings. 

A faint tapping could be heard - The echoing of men walking on a hard, stone floor. Each beat of the step got louder, and louder, as the men neared Edwin. The distinct essence of cigar smoke reached out to his nostrils, involuntarily - He inhaled. 

"That one." The mans voice was slightly pitched, in comparison to other males. Edwin shuddered as the men's footsteps neared closer again. "Remove his hood and gag."

Edwin braced himself, when he heard the rustling to his left. It was another man that was having the hood removed. A heavy gasping cracked against the cool air like a whip - The other man was free to speak. 

"Do you know who I am?"

The previously hooded man, who's voice indicated he was of African descent, whispered; "No." 

"I am a man without a name. I am a man with a plan. You are here because I have a goal, you see. A plan - And in this ideal there are two types of people. The first are the ones that know my goal and assist in its reincarnation, naturally - The second are those that do not know that plan, but couldn't understand it if even if they knew it, or wanted to know it."

Another blast of cigar smoke filled the air as the unnamed man took another drag. "And so I offer you a choice, Mr Palacio - You can be a worker for this aspiration, or you can remain with the rest of 1920's American - In the darkness."  

The hesitation from the man could be felt in the room. He was unsure what to do, unsure what to say, and unsure how to say it.

The cigar smoking man spoke again. "I assure you, no harm will come to anyone you love should you choose either option. This is for a better America." 

The man was still apprehensive, but then spoke. "I have to decline, sir. My family need me right now, I can't afford to run off like this." 

"Do you smoke, Mr Palacio?" 


"Well we live in the present, because we are unsure what the future holds and the past -  well the past in most times inaccessible. But." The unnamed man put the cigar in Palacio's mouth. "But I know your future holds a lot of darkness, for you will remain with the rest of America - Whilst we burn it down." 

Palacio let out a feint scream for mercy before the bullet ripped straight through his line of thought. The smell of blood took dominance over the cigar smoke. 

"Next up is Mr Newel."

The End

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