Me, Sammy and the rest of the brigade arrived at Broadmedowa (I didn't kniw but one of the guy's did). For the past few week's we have been doing physical training, survival. "WAKE UP, WE ARE GOING FOR A RUN"! "Oh, com on, can't we have a little rest". "WOULD YOU REST IF A GOD FOR SAKEN TURK WAS TRYING TO GUT YA, I THINK NOT"! So for the rest of the day we had to run up and down that god damn of a hill. "Come on Sammy only twenty more times". "Ain't you a bit of a smart arse Johnny". "I DID NOT SAY YOU CAN TALK, SO YOU CAN GO UP TEN TIMES MORE.!SO NEXT TIME SHUT YOUR MOUTH"! "Yes sir, sorry sir". "You should be, so after your finish report to the mesh hall ASAP"! "Oh god damn it, that ain't fair one little bit. So after hours of pianful running up that god damn hill Johnny and Sammy decided that they would take the night off and go see the Nurse's tent. "Hey ladies, do you need a man in the house". But what Johnny and Sammy didn't know ias that the Nurse's tent moved and the Major moved in.

The End

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