Choo-Choo! The sound of the train when the last whistle was blown. Johnny hoped that Uncle would understand but he probably wouldn't. "Tickets please", said the ticket master. "just wait a moment, it's in my pocket". "Please sir could you hurry up, there are other people waiting". "Wait... here it is". He could here the frustration in the man's voice. "Thank You". Then he saw Sammy and the mate's from back home. "HEY SAMMY!". "Johnny what you being up to lately"> "i'm going to Melbourne to enlist, I heard they don't care about age, so I'd thought I would give it a shot". "We'll why didn't you say so, you stay with me and you can join our group, the Light Horseman". "Oh.. thanks Sammy, Idon't know what to say". "It's nothing I couldn't do for an old friend. After a couple of hours the train arrived at Melbourne train station. "Well I'll be damned". said one of the group. "I never knew it looked this good from all the postcards from me Auntie"."Attention", said the Major. "Who's this young fellow we have here". "A friend sir. He what's to join the corp we us". "Well does he now. He'd better get enlisted with the rest of us then".

The End

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