"Why cant I enlist". "Sorry son, you have to be 18. You're only 16". "But I've heard of 15 year olds getting in". "Well I wasn't the Enlistment Officer was I. Well off you go your only holding up the line for the real solider's. Later Johnny went to the shop to buy the groceries. It was his only excuse to get out of the house. "We'll Johnny I  heard your trying to enlist". "How did word get around so fast"." Word always goes around fast when it's only a little town". "My uncle would know wouldn't he". "Yes he would. Now listen up, I've heard that the young boy's who want to enlist are going to Melbourne. No one cares down at Melbourne they just want the men to go to Gallipoli". "Gallipoli". "Yes, that's what I,ve heard that the Empire is sending us to a place we have never heard before. We'll you better pack". "Yes Wendy, I think I will"."Johnny.... are you going to pay for that". " Ahh yeh... sorry about that.

The End

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