this is a story about war

Johnny Smith was riding his bicycle down the gravel road then he noticed a large crowd gathered around a marconi radio set. He could hear Joseph Cook talking about the events in Europe about the assaination Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Then after a long speech all I could hear was 'when the Empire is at war, so also is Australia'. Then even head slumped and some peolpe rejoiced but I don't know how you could rejoce when people will propably die. I sped down the gravel road to my uncle's place. "UNCLE UNCLE! did you hear the news"."Yes I did Johnny, and don't you get any ideas about enlisting, you don't want the same fate as your father and your Auntie couldn't take it either"." I won't, but Sammy next door he and a couple of his friends are trying out for the horse part of the army."" Light horseman, Johnny, Light horseman. Exactly what your father was in. Now go milk the cow's before supper's ready." "Okay Uncle." Johnny went walking over to the shed when he saw a enlisting parade going down the track. He saw Sammy in thier to. It'll propably be the last time he'll ever see him again.

The End

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