This is a story of a girl who girl was weak, she had a weak soul, she was a follower, not a leader. Or at least that is what she thought, she has been told all her life that she is strong, the strongest of so many, she did not believe. The time has come for her to believe, in herself, and those around her.
This is a story of a girl finding herself in a world where not only the outside world pushes her down, but her own mind knowingly does the same.
This is a story of life, love, and find

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Possibilities in the closet itching to break out but afeaid of the fallout

Faces i dont know the real me

why lie? when truth is the easier path

Not damn sure no clue no lie no complaints no reason no worries

smoke mirrors cannot tell lies

losing it clear the way for answers




I wonder if I got the courage to ask him if he would know the answer.

Could he tell me how to fix it make it better.

Could he accept me for whom I am or would he shun me turn away never look back again.

Forget and move on while I’m shattered destroyed alone.

I can’t let that happen so I keep it secret-I keep myself hidden within but sometimes it aches to get out to be with him but I can’t let that happen

so I hold back I tell no one and nobody asks because nobody knows there’s anything to ask about they don’t see it nobody does

i gibe them hints and clues but they don’t see it they never do they never will

But i cant give up trying i cant give up hope

Hope I’ll be seen, called out on my lies on what I’m hiding from their eyes.

Hope he can help me he can heal

But i know he will never forgive me,

never trust me,

this one lie keeps going and its affecting my life one person at a time I’m slipping up

lying is all I do and they know it you can see it in their eyes but they never say anything they trust me then they start believing and its over I got them lies becomes me so I fake it

I’m better, I’m fun, I’m loved and I can’t lose it.

I’m pitiful I know

But i need it

The End

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