When you get pulled into a life-size game of Cluedo where you're playing for your life, what would you do?

Leilah Black:

I stepped into the library, the old bell ringing as the wooden door swings against it. Wiping my feet on the "Home Sweet Home" doormat, I look around. Nothing had changed a bit since I can remember - the same door, the same layout, the same books, the same dust-coated library as it was 9 years ago, when I was six and came for the first time.

I said hello to the clerk and started to walk up and down the isles. My red eyes scanned the shelf as I searched for an interesting book to read at the weekend. A purple book with a blue spine caught my eye, so I stopped, with my black hair swinging down my back.

I pulled out the book and looked at the cover. Blank. It was blank,but the spine had one word on it: Cluedo.

 Being the curious girl I was, I opened the book. That was the worst decision of my life. I opened it at a random page, of course, and saw nothing. Again, it was blank. I flicked through the pages to see if any on them had any writing on them, but they didn't. I stopped when I came to the middle of the book - there was one word written across two pages: CLUEDO.

I whispered the word to myself as I read it, my mind whirling with thoughts. Why? What does it mean? Could it be a prank?

Suddenly, The page of the book, along with the one word, was turning and twisting. Everything went blurry the blotchy black. I felt myself getting sucked into the book. First my head... Shoulders... Stomache... Legs...Feet.... Then everything went pitch-black and I felt a blow to my back.

"Is she awake?"....."Yes"......"Well then, welcome, newcomer."

The End

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