scarey night

a great discovery while walking in the woods.

  • It was late on KENT ROAD Joan and rocky were holding hands for a midnight walk.

They saw a light that was coming towards them.

They froze right where they were, afraid of what they were seeing.

     There came a loud noise, it was a explosion to their immediate right.
     They began to run back, the way they had come. Over light that had frightened them, they heard, a voice that sounded upset. With an accompaniment of whiz, whirl,  and chatter.

      Joan and Rocky felt they should see what was going on there. They peered over the shoulders to see what was going on there.

      They saw a figure, that must have been a robot. It had eyes that looked like tubes for an old post cold war tv. A funnel for a hat. The arms were put together by using sockets and nuts and bolts. He was triong to put out the fire, that this light had started. HE did not see them

  •    Joan brought up her hand to her face in fear of what they were watching said hesitantly ,"What is that thing?"
  • Rocky trying to gain some courage to speak out about what was before his eyes said,"I think its an alien!"
  • "Okay rocky, what does he want? Why is he here?" Joan asked
  •  "i am not rocky! Click Click whir!" the alein states in a robotic voice as he looks at the humans. the robot seemed confused maybe frightened by them finding him here.  His eyes lit up, as he whirled about to see who was behind him,
  •             “I am Rocky! Not you!” Rocky declared, throwing out his chest trying to gain enough courage to make the robot back off and leave them  alone
  •            “I thought, she was addressing me, not you!” the robot suggested, apologenically. Looking at Rocky.
  •             Joan asked, "what are you doing?"
  •               “Trying to put the fire out!”
  •                 “I will help you!” Rocky suggested
  • "Eell.  I am calling my parents!" joan said back to him, she feels a little frightened by finding the robot in the woods.
  • "Your parents? What are they?" the robot asked as though intrigued by this suggestion.
  • "Well. here on earth, people have parents that is where we come from." Rocky exclaims, he is the jock so, she should be waiting for me to do something, not her.
  • "Well?" Joan asked
  • "I am  Richard and a father! my wife name is jennate!" the robot tells them to identify himself as who he is.
  • "How are you a father! if you do not know of parents; how could you say that you did not know this" Rocky answered.
  • "In my galaxy, I came from a box they call a fetus.  where are your nuts and bolts? " Richard asked as he picket up a box half his size.
  • "I have no nuts or bolts,i am a human." joan responses back to him. she shows him her elbow to illustrate this fact.
  • “I miss my wife. on my planet. she is a due to manufacture a baby.
  •  "
The End

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