The dawn of new days.

No sun. No heath. Not feeling thirsty or sweaty. Cloudy days have their advantages, for sure. But there is something more to it... It has to be! At this point I can not tell you when, or how, my preference for cloudy days started, but I am sure it is something more than just pragmatical reasons.

So, it was on one of those cloudy, rainy days I decided it was time for me to pursue knowledge and discovery. It was not stormy outside, just some drops here and there. The important thing was that it was cool, and there was no shining sun above.

The location for my lab was a no-brainer: it has to be in the abandoned house on the back my parents' house - my parents' house was called 'the Main House'. The old house was as inviting as it gets. No furniture, but just one old table in the middle of what once was the kitchen, which was poorly illuminated by a single light bulb, hanging sadly from the high ceiling of the room. The windows were shut in such a way that the curios eyes of my neighbors were kept out of any possibility of intervention. The kitchen was always cool, kept that way by the dropping of water in some places of the roof, and by the presence of a smooth, uncovered floor made out of concrete.

It was within this very conducive environment that I started my journey. It would had been hard to understand for many adults back then - Jee! It would be hard even today - but at that early age, I was most definitely hooked in such a pursue. I had to have knowledge. It was not an option. There was this internal drive, pulling and pushing, keeping me in motion towards the acquisition of an ever increasing amount of knowledge. It was like having this unquenchable thirst (Thirst in a cloudy day? What a paradox!). There was, in the depths of my soul, the urgent need to know.
Some times, I wished that there was a way to drink the information contained in books, so I could acquired it faster than reading it. In that way, I believed, the whole pursue for knowledge - my knowledge - would be expedited.

In occasions I felt I was running in a race which end was completely unknown to me. I just knew that I was supposed to run, and run good, but I was in the dark regarding the whole purpose of the race itself, and its ending. That never really stop me. If anything, the lack of knowledge about this race, its purpose and ending, galvanized my desire, and sharpened my focus on acquiring knowledge.

The End

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