Cloudy Days Chronicles

- Intro -

I always like to do experiments. Particularly on rainy, cloudy days. Back when I was 7 or 8 years of age, I set up a lab in the abandoned house in our backyard. It was a wooden house that was used by my grandmother, when she was alive.

The room I picked for my lab was dark, humid, and cold... In other words, it was perfect to conduct experiments without the distractions of the main house. I don't remember exactly how I got a set of books (an encyclopedia?) with the description of a lot of experiments. The biggest promise on these books was that such experiments could be done with simple ingredients, using around-the-house tools and equipment.

Once the lab was set, and over the remaining days of that particular rain season, many interesting things happened to my friends, as they came face to face with my experiments. But nothing compared to what happened to me. These experiences, and their consequences, will be forever remembered in the archives of the Cloudy Days Chronicles.

The End

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