Clouds in the skyMature

Characters meet, story develops, amazing cool and funny things to read. Highly recommended! Do not skip! Ha!

Sometimes things happen for a reason. That is what my grandma would say. I believe it doesn't. Things happen. And that's about it. Like my existence. It just happened to my parents. A big surprise, teenage angst, dramatic yo-yo-style break ups and an appointment away from abortion, I nevertheless lived happily in utero while my teenage dad-not-to-be who felt he had been generous enough in contributing his Y chromosome and that that was all he could muster up, decided to have nothing to do with me. My teenage mom, neither pro- or anti-life, woke up one morning and decided my existence would be.


At age 16, I was rather good looking. I mean I'm telling this story, right? So I have to be good looking. I will describe myself later. Right now, I would like to speak about this boy who sits behind me in Math class.

The End

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