I was walking behind Cap'n, correction, Strore Berry. Haha, Thank you Delta. We entered the kitchen and I stared everywhere. There was a big metal thing with 5 rings on top. It was amazing, I could sense heat in it. They had hot food!? Cool!

"Bluestar . . . you . . .training . . . yes?" I heard snipets of what the Cap'n was saying. Lookly blankly at him, I connected the pieces.

Training? "Nope," I say, twirling around the middle counter of the kitchen. "You've got a really nice kitchen here," I say dragging my fingers along the counter. I hop up on the counter, swinging my legs against the cupboards. "So, what kind of eats do you have?"

Cap'n stares at me as I reach my arm up and open the cupboard, still looking at him. I open my hand and spread my fingers, probbing the cupboard with my mind. I grab a jar of cookies and pull them out. Opening the lid, I take a cookie and pop it in my mouth. "Mmm! These are good!" I munch on the cookie and swallow, "So, what kind of training do I need?" I polish off another 4 cookies before her answers me.

The End

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