You must be the Cap'n

I jumped out of my ship and landed heavily on the ground, rolling and tumbling. I wasn't very graceful.

"Oh, a Shnortzle. Hmh." I looked up at the human staring down at me.

"Well that's not much of a greeting!" I said, picking myself up and dusting off my shirt. "I'm Kartonia, you must be the Cap'n,"

I walked around the suttle, wide eyed. This race must have alot of moolah to have a ship this nice! Heck, they even had washrooms that flushed! Now that was a luxury.

"Visitor Scan Initiating." a feminine voice echoed through the landing chamber.

"Stand still!" said the Cap'n.

"Sure thing," I replied as a large contraption lowered itself from the ceiling. A large gun-like thing swung out from it and purple light streamed from it's barrel. The light engulfed me, making my skin look an even darker blue.

"Visitor: Kartonia Ryptonite Glorgle. Age: 23. Occupation: Peace Ambassador. Current Status: Hungry." The light retreated from my body and I shook my arms. The purple stuff and disabled my movement and my arms had gone a little stiff.

"That lady is weird. Where does she sit all day?"

"It's a computer. Come on into the kitchen get something to eat," The loading dock's hatch closed and sealed as several flourescent lights flickered on. I followed Cap'n through the hallways. Everything was spotless and white. So much white! My home planet, there was no white. Everything was extremely colourful.

"So Cap'n, I never really asked! What's your name, or do you want me to call you Cap'n?"

The End

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