Oh, a Shnortzle. Hmh.

Cpn Strore Berry

The whooshing sound first made me poke my head up from my weetabix. There was a loud bang and a screech, then nothing.

Could this be my first recruit? I though.

I got up from the chrome canteen bench, and wandered over to the window, which gazed out into the solar system. I noticed a thick, long pale blue pipe coming from the ship which hadn't been there before. I followed it until I reached a slightly organic looking ship.

It was! A new recruit!

CloudNine had recognised the Bluestar signature and had automatically begun pulling it in.

"Captain, your new recruit is here," Delta boomed from the roof.

"Thank you," I replied, I picked up my weetabix bowl and took it to the canteen hatch. It opened automatically, I put the bowl in and it disappeared into the kitchen to be washed and cleaned.

I heard the huge docking doors on the side of the ship close as the craft was pulled in. I made my way down the stairs to the 'nauts entrance.

The sliding doors led to the dock, but I stood outside them.

Soon enough, they slid open and a near two metre tall, bluey-pinkish alien stepped through. 

"Oh, a Shnortzle. Hmh," I said.


The End

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