No, No, No!

"No, No, No!" I yelled as my Nebula Neboisis flew through space. Traveling at the speed of light was easy peasy, especially for this bad boy! But, when you're heading to a Bluestar Federation Starship, you don't want to be heading that fast straight at it. I'd dropped the Combustion Jugolosis, which controled my speed, down by my feet. I had two choices:

1. Grab it and risk hitting a planet, another ship, the Bluestar ship or a roaming Shnorgle Camle ,


2. Just hope I run out of fuel soon.

I look back at the fuel gauge, reading the odd language of the Fingrachters. Their numbers were each a seperate moving picture. I was always impressed with their language, but found it a real poopy pants to read. Oh, I guess I should introduce me self huh?

I am Kartonia Ryptonite Glorgle. Don't reference me to Duper-Man, my parents were huge fans back on my home planet Shnortzle. A ne episode ran every day on the telly, and my parents never missed one. My mom always used to say,

"One day, you'll be more famous than sliced bread with that name!"

Sure mom.

The fuel gauge is lowering and I cross two of my four fingers in hope. My bluey-pinkish skin goes pale as I see the Bluestar coming into focus through my star shield. A pragto bug splats on my star shiled but is quickly wiped away. The bug had blocked the ship for a millisecond, but now it was back, a white ship looming in the vast darkness of space.

"Stop!" I scream. "Stop this bloody ship now!"

I close my eyes, covering my face with me hands as the ship grows steadily closer. I tense, waiting for impact. The ship lurches forward then backwards, but I feel no pain. I must be dead. Slowly, I spread my fingers, looking through them and out the starshield. It's entirely white. I open the top of my ship, twisting the lock and pushing it up. I float out and see that I am not dead.

The CloudNine shuttle waits quietly in front of my Nebula Neboisis for me to enter.

The End

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