Charlene and Liam

My first day at this Charity shop seemed awkward. Firstly, I was all by myself since Stephanie had the day off. Second I was working with a load of people that I didn’t know before. I was standing outside for ages, which was when I found out that I could have went around the back of the shop. This was when I heard someone say “oh crap nobody’s in ill just walk around the back. The woman was pleasantly plump with blonde straw like hair. I followed the woman and asked her name.

                “My name is Marge dear but please call me Margie” She said almost laughing. She pressed the little white switch on the back door and someone answered almost immediately. It was a boy that answered the door. He had curly black hair and brown eyes; he was wearing a black shirt.

                “Hello Marge, and you must be Stephanie’s friend, my name is Paul” he said with a smile like butter wouldn’t melt. The work was easy and it passed time so slowly that I started to get bored. The afternoon came and soon it was lunch time.

                I had just got my lunch out of my locker and when I turned there was a boy stood right in front of me. That scared me and made me pull back in fear. The boy had long purple hair that was obviously dyed; he was wearing a baby blue t-shirt and had ginger facial hair.

                “Hey you must be Kevin, Stephanie told me about you, my name is Liam” he said with a smile that showed of sharp teeth, I felt a strange vibe whilst he smiled; it was as if he was up to something. He seemed really friendly besides the funny vibe he gave me. He left me alone while I ate my lunch. After lunch there was just a little more work to finish and then I could go home but I wasn’t in a rush to finish.

                Once I finished my sandwiches and put my bag back in my locker Liam met me by the stairs. “Follow me” he said and walked downstairs, he walked out of the fire exit.

                “Are you allowed to do that?” I asked in amazement.

                “Sure I am so are you” He said.


Sitting outside it was very cold; I had goose bumps on my arms. Liam didn’t seem to notice; he took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it. It was a conversation that seemed to last forever. We talked about quite a lot of things music, books, and films. At that time it felt like there was an invisible connection between us. I started noticing more things than usual, the hundreds of freckles on his arms, the sound of the cold air, the smell of tobacco on his breath. It seemed like he was staring into my eyes, trying to unravel my deepest darkest secrets only to be disrupted by the sound of a passing truck.

                Liam suddenly clamped his hands to his ears. “What’s wrong?” I asked in surprise. His teeth were clenched.

                “My ears are very sensitive” he said in what seemed like agony.


When I got back upstairs and sat down with Liam Paul was sitting on a wooden chair eating his lunch.

                “Kevin what time did I send you on your lunch?” he asked

                “I don’t know” I replied

                “Perhaps have five more minutes” he said, I could see Liam laughing in the distance. After I spent my five minutes in silence trying not to laugh at the awkwardness but I could also see Liam almost ready to laugh.

                Once I had finished my lunch there was very little work to finish with so I spent the rest of the afternoon in upstairs. Liam talked to me more about music; he liked lady gaga when she came on the radio. I asked what he thought of Evanescence as soon as I mentioned that he started talking about other bands like Paramore, Linkin park, Nightwish, and Within temptation. I knew and loved all of them. This was very strange even for me. how could this person relate to me besides the fact that I keep so much to myself.

                “Coming back down Kevin? There’s someone I want you to meet?”

                I followed him back down to find a woman standing outside, she was bigger than Liam in size, and her face was plump with her short black hair. “This is Charlene” Liam said. The woman was wearing a black long sleeved jumper with a leather coat.

                “It’s freezing out here” I said and then suddenly Charlene threw her leather coat ove my shoulders.

                “Is that better?” she asked

                “Yes, but I didn’t want you to go without”

                “I’m fine, besides Stephanie warned us to look out for you”

                “What’s going to happen to me” I asked in surprise

                “Nothing... yet” Liam said menacingly

                “Now remember Liam, Stephanie warned you not to break him” Charlene laughed

                “What’s she going to do?” he said daringly

                “I wouldn’t want to find out”

                Liam poked her on the neck.

                “Do that to me again and ill pull your eyes out” She threatened jokingly.

                “You’ll have to catch me first” he ran off into the distance and Charlene ran after him. Besides that conversation, that was all the excitement for the day.  When I went back upstairs the boss who was a very sophisticated woman in her early sixties told me I could go home, she smiled heartily as I left. Liam met me on the shop floor.

                “Your going, where’s my hug?” he asked but it seemed as if he was demanding.

As he approached me but came no further I backed slightly in anxiety for something might happen again. Images of people touching in the wrong places and I tried to get it out of my mind as fast as possible. It seemed like almost years had passed and Liam was still waiting.

                “Aren’t I getting a hug then?” he asked playfully.

                “I didn’t s...” but before I finished what I was about to say his left hand grabbed my left hand and I was pulled towards him at the speed of light. I slammed into his body, feeling like I was about to hurt him with my force as we collided at the split second that it had happened in. I didn’t hurt him, he let go very quickly and opened his arms, and mine had no choice but to go under. His hug was a warm and strong embrace, maybe something that I hadn’t felt in a long time, something that I needed. But it was getting stronger; my back was being crushed into a vice like grip.

                “Liam your hurting me!” I said

                “Sorry I don’t know my own strength sometimes” he laughed.

That was where my first day ended, I bought some music and listened to it on the weekend but noting too special happened then, the night before I was in college I was curious about what might have happened, I might have even slipped into a daydream whilst sitting in my sisters at one point. It was strange ever since that hug I felt as if it was getting harder and harder to ground myself and soon enough, like it wasn’t difficult enough already, my daydreams took over.

The End

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