Cloud nine

It was nearly Kevin's 19th birthday and he still hasn't been able to move on from something that happened three years ago. This is where he meets Liam, a twenty year old that take's Kevin's kind nature to his advantage. In his work Kevin try's not to attract too much attention to himself, that all comes into question when his best friend stanley places him in the spotlight, this is where Kevin starts to see another world. Kevin soon realizes that he can't keep his secrets forever.

There was something very curious about Kevin Mitchel, maybe it was the fact that what everyone thought they knew about him was only short term, because as soon as they thought they had him figured they would soon be supprised to find that he's more different than they think.

Maybe it was something that was linked to his past, something that was hidden in the deep waters of his soul. Maybe it was his shy doe like eyes that made people feel as if they had to keep an eye on him. Was he up to something sinister? Was his emotions that caused concern for many people? Maybe it was his past. What seemed like an illusion to him could be the fact that his mind was telling him that the future had bad things planned for him. The truth was that nobody, and I mean nobody, ever understood one thing about him. Kevin may have faced what seemed like depression but he didn't ever feel like he wanted to commit suicide.

It was more the fact that his world was on repair, three years from this point today. it is now the first of January and what should have been a new start ended comming out pear shaped. First, his best friend gets him an application form for a job in a charity shop. Second, what he had considered to be a new start was about to turn into what seemed like a repitition of the past, but fate had other plans for Kevin. Lets hope that Kevin can find the determination to keep on fighting for a way to become free from his past, once, and for all.

The End

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