Cloud 9

OK, Sheila thought, what now?

She stood still, racking her brain. Pretty much the whole first floor of his house¾ with the exception, maybe, of the front hallway bathroom¾ was wrecked. In fact, it looked like somebody had deliberately spread the destruction over as much of the first floor as humanly possible. What should she tell Mr. Callahan? And Josh?

Josh! He was on his way over and, based on Sheila’s luck so far that night, he would be there sooner than she hoped. How should she explain the mess in the house she was sitting while Mr. and Mrs. Callahan were on vacation? How should she explain the ninja in the living room with the TV on his head, or the one in the kitchen with the butcher’s knife in his chest? Poor Josh. He was expecting a night of beer and making out on the couch.

There’ll definitely be no making out on that couch, Sheila thought, eyeing the overturned sofa.

Poor, sweet, simple Josh. What should she tell him? She certainly couldn’t tell him the truth. It would put his life in danger. Fleeing came to mind. She could just run away and avoid explaining it to Josh for the moment. When he got there and saw the mess and no her, he would most likely call the police. Yeah, he’d call the police, because he was a nice guy.

But what if there were more ninjas on the way? Josh wouldn’t stand a chance against them. Sheila paced back and forth, thinking.  What do to?

Suddenly, lights speared through the broken windows and Sheila heard a car outside.  It was Josh.

The End

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