Something Creepy In The City...

Christine asked this question to her mother, Maribella.
"You will see, Christine."
"Will he join me?"
"Of course."
After Christine's wedding, Maribella sensed a creepy feeling...more stronger than the feeling 3 days ago.
Maribella felt a shiver, then closed her eyes. She unexpectedly fainted
soon enough.
Just then, Christine got back into her room...without her husband. Or anyone.
The suffering of mother and daughter together begins...

One Night, 2 AM, Maribella Augusts was alone in her room, with a purple blanket and a flag pillow. One of the souvenirs she got in her travel of the Philippines. She grabbed the pillow as tight as she can and she got super cold. She tossed and turned to get away from the temperature. But no. She had nothing to do.

3 Days later, it was Christine's wedding, and Maribella woke up early at 7 AM to check on the cake status. It was good looking and ready for delivery at the wedding. She felt that sensation again, and this time it was getting worse. It became cold AND cake stains from nowhere went into her eyes. She woke up 30 minutes later and Christine was right there, sitting at her bed. Saying:

"Mom, get up! The cake is done!" She said with a smile.

"What happened?" Maribella moaned.

"Well, you were lying right there on the kitchen with cake in your eyes and with blue skin. But it's all gone now." 

"Great. Are we late for the wedding?" 

"Nope. Still 3 hours remaining."

"Good. I have time to dress up and feel some super hectic sensations again."

"What are you talking about?"

"Long story. I will tell it after the wedding, my daughter." 

"Well..okay. I will be at the garden when you need me."

Christine went out of Maribella's room. Maribella chose a dress, and went out. 

A few minutes later, she finally got ready. But felt yet ANOTHER sensation and fell asleep at the couch. 

Maribella woke up in the hotel bed before the wedding. Christine was preparing food and saw her mother awake. Christine hugged her mom and gave her some food. Without talking. 

After the normal no-sensations wedding, Christine and Maribella got private time in the hotel while her husband rushed to get something. Maribella told the whole story and told Christine that they were moving. She was shocked. 


Christine asked this question to Maribella. 

"You will see, Christine." replied Maribella.

"Will my husband join me?"

"Of course, sweetie."

Maribella sensed another creepy feeling. More stronger than the feelings 3 days ago, and just recently. She felt a shiver. Then she fainted unexpectedly.


While her husband and her took her to the hospital, Christine got teleported back into her room. Without her husband. Without her mother. Without anyone. 

"That was weird. Why am I here when I am supposed to be in the hospital?" 

She noticed that the bed was transparent, and she can't touch it nor sit on it. She fell to the ground when she tried to sit. 

"Oh no...." Christine mumbled as she felt her mother's sensations...

As a tiara popped out of the closet. 

And the suffering of mother and daughter begins. 

The End

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