Part FourMature

All the way back to the hotel they had been residing in for the past month or so he thanked god for the cover of nightfall. He could imagine the looks he’d get when he came walking down the street with a broken and bleeding girl in his arms. Would they think that it was his fault?

He looked down at the girl's blood smeared face and his eyes softened. She still amazed him; when he had first met her she had been near death and still awake. Was she getting weak in her old age or could she no longer bring herself to harm others the way she once had?

Either way he was just glad that she was alright. He was also glad that they were staying at a place where you didn’t have to go through the lobby and up the elevator to get to your room.

Instead they had chosen a crappy motel with doors from the outside. Handy in a time like this actually...

He unlocked the door easily and closed it, sliding the dead bolt closed behind him before moving to the bathroom. There he turned on the water and filled the tub. He held her until it was full then turned off the water and pulled off her jeans and shirt, throwing the bloody garments to the side before sliding her into the luke warm water. He held her up as he discarded his own bloody hoodie and t-shirt.

All that remain on his upper body was his usual black dog collar that considerably to large for his neck that had his iPhone clipped to it and black headphones leading from it to his ears.

He pulled those out next and placed them beside the sink before sitting down on the ground beside her, one hand still supporting her head and the other trailing through the no longer transparent red water.

”Had a fun night tonight eh?” he asked softly, cupping some water in his free hand and washing the blood from her head and neck. He watched the red water run down her pale skin almost absently as he worked at getting her cleaned up.

”Adrian?” came a soft voice, considerably different then the gruff one the other man in the alley had used. But still that same guy appeared in the doorway, hoodie and shirt also coming off and being added to the pile in the corner.

He was kneeling beside the other man instantly, dark fingers trailing along the pale girls’ cheek with a helpless look.

She was defiantly beautiful, thin and willowy with sharp, angular features that were hard to find now a days. She tall, though most of that height came from her long legs, and her pale skin was so clear it seemed almost translucent.

The only thing that may have worked against her was the stark white hair as well but even that was soft and healthy, bone straight and to her waist but even that didn’t bother a lot of guys.

Obviously the men in the ally hadn’t cared, just as they hadn’t cared to coat her in blood…

That thought alone made the larger man clench his fists in anger. It amazed him that those types of people still existed in this world though he wondered how the girl had gotten herself into that situation…

”It’s over Darcia, Lilith’s going to be fine in a few days, a few new scars but she’ll survive… What of those men?” Adrian asked as he saw the muscles in the man’s arms cord. He didn’t move to touch Darcia, in fact there seemed to be some sort of force that kept them apart, both immediately sifting if the other came within a few inches of the other.

The larger man was grim and his lips were pressed in a thin line as he surveyed her wounds but he nodded and sat back to watch her helpless to do much else. Unlike Adrian he didn’t have much of a medical knowledge beside the plants that had grown around his original birthplace.

A place he still refused to call home…

The End

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