Part ThreeMature

Slow, cautious and measuring, like coyotes coming across a wolf pack and wanting a share of their hunt. That’s what the pair looked like as they approached the group of men, hoods pulled up to conceal their features and only size and build revealing their gender.

Both were huge, towering over the men by a good foot or two if they stood up straight and both well lined with muscles that indicated either bodybuilding or steroids. Neither were true, it was their lifestyle that made them this way.

The one in front was a few inches taller and held a more aggressive stance, hands clenched at his sides. The only visible part of his body was his hands and the color of his skin indicated African descent. Though unlike most, his palms were just as dark as the rest of him.

The second looked pissed but he didn’t hold a threatening poise, at least, not until the girl started getting kicked around until bones broke and she blacked out. He went ridged after that, muscles cording and flexing under is skin, ready for a fight.

Like his comrade only his hands were visible but he was dark from being in the sun, maybe Native blood but not like his friend who had onyx skin from head to toe.

”Let her be and we’ll leave you in peace” came the gruff voice of the first man who immediately took charge, taking a step forward in a manor that made him seem very old fashioned. He speech and the way he held himself was more accustomed to the presence of royalty then that of your average rapist such as the ones that stood before him.

As the conversation turned into mocking challenge between the self appointed leader of the gang and the large intruder the second large man took the opening and seemed to melt into the shadows that the wall offered. The large man was in the gang leaders face in a second as the others egged them on into a fight.

An instant later the second man was at the girls side, long fingers to her throat to seek a pulse. Luckily he felt the unnaturally quick beat of her heart. A small smile managed to find itself on his lips as he brushed some stained red hair from her blood-streaked face.

She looked almost peaceful in her sleep like state and he made sure not to disrupt her as he gathered her thin frame in his arms and slunk once more into the shadows.

Lets just say that sneaking a girl as pale as her through the shadows and past people who were only a hair width away from you is no easy task. He got pretty far in his mind before being discovered.

”Bring her back here” the words echoed seemed to echo as he was finally discovered. A soft sigh slipped from his lips as he stopped sneaking and stood straight, simply walked away with the sounds of shouting and then a small battle following him.

Some might think him a coward but he had no interest in fighting while protecting his charge and he knew for a fact that his comrade would soon follow.

The End

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