Part TwoMature

She laughed hoarsely at him but he only tightened his grip, she gasped but that was the last good breath of air she got. What was she… some play toy? ”Yeah right” she said, spitting a large wad of blood in his face and growling defiantly.

There was a brief pause as he wiped the blood and spit from his face before slamming her against the wall again. She went limp, legs still stretching to find the ground below; everyone else was silent now as they waited.

This probably wasn’t entirely smart on her part considering he still had a hand around her neck, was considerably larger then her and had all his buddies around him. But that was how she was, laughing in the face of danger even though one day it would probably get her killed.

He took a step forward, pinning her between the wall and himself, one of her legs between his own as if he was trying to drop a subtle hint as to what kind of fun he wanted to have. By now he had tightened his grip to the point where she couldn’t breath; her lips were parted and her eyes were closed as her lungs tried to drag in oxygen. The world began to fade in and out as the blood loss and lack of oxygen took its toll.

She tried to move, to get leg between him and her or something but no use. ’Ass hole’ she spat mentally, though she couldn’t quite manage to talk as his hand constricted again and his other hand joined it around her throat. All that came out was a choked gurgling sound that brought another ripple of laughter from the crowd that now seemed hungry to join in.

Okay so this might be a problem.

”Step… away… from… the girl” came a low, deadly voice to her right. Almost instantly the man holding her to the wall let go and backed off. Her legs turned liquid as she lost his support and fell to the ground, sucking in huge lung fulls of air.

Her head connected painfully with the pavement and she exhaled sharply. ’Tonight sucks’ was pretty much all she could get though her head as she tried to move. So rolled over, trying to stand and managing only to get onto her hands and knees, dragging herself a few inches across the scummy ground.

At this point one of the guys who had been standing in the background decided he wanted in on the action. Long strides brought him closer then he followed through with the motion, kicking her sharply in the ribs and sending her back into the wall.

She heard and felt a rib or two crack with the blow and her head connect with the wall once more. She crumpled against the wall, coughing and groaning loudly.

She went limp after that, deciding that she should play dead. It was hard to breath now; she could almost feel the rib bent inward towards her lungs. She steadied her breathing, trying fast to catch her breath before her rib punctured her lung and they had a serious problem.

It wasn’t over, though, another blow hit her in the gut, her head once more connected with the wall and then everything went black and she went completely limp.

The End

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