Close your eyes

still a work in progress

This is an original song composed by me and my husband!  A link to the music can be heard here--not professional by any means as I just recorded at home-but its a start

As lies unwind reality--reveals--the ugly truth

So many cling to beauty--the fiction--what we thought we knew

Tried to steal the future from the stars--the unborn youth--of yesterday's forgot

As we drift through each passing day--justify our sins as the only f@#$%n way

Caught up in a fantasy

Only see what we want to see

It's all just make believe

So close your eyes--close your eyes

Countdown to awakeness ---the darkness comes to light

Penetrating numbness--blind whispers--scream inside

We are just passing time--jagged beautiful--ripping at the seams

The silence will bleed us dry and all that's left is naked in the street

It's time to end the fantasy

Only seeing what you want to see

The truth will set you free

Close your eyes--close your eyes--close your eyes...

The End

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