Close Your EyesMature

Basically this part was written by me, my brother wrote the next part and we switched back and forth. We got up to maybe 27 parts then we both got all blah with this piece. But I figure if I put it up here maybe I'll pay it more attention or people can give me some advice on where to go with it. Iunno, either way I started it and it probably won't be finished, we've moved onto writing another book and graphic novel and crap. Anyways werewolves, vampires, romance, ect. you'll probably find it her

She lifted her arm and coughed, blood splattering against her pale hand from her cut up mouth and lips. She paid the substance no mind as she struggled to stand, bracing herself against the wall behind her. Her heart was pounding so loud that she was afraid everyone around would be able to hear. But that was the least of her worries, of course, she was becoming light headed from the blood loss and her hair was sticky and tangled from the blood that trickled from the cuts on her skull.

The rest of her was no less beat up and she couldn’t move her left arm, she figured it was broken, dislocated or gone completely. It was dark in the alley and she couldn’t really see anything, never mind her arm. Plus… her neck hurt too much too look down and she didn’t want to risk turning her attention away from her attackers.

It took her a while but she managed to get into a standing position, leaning heavily against the cold brick wall behind her and legs spread slightly to support herself. She took this brief lull in the beating to force her arm to move. It did but her shoulder hated it and responded by sending a sharp pain through her. She gasped softly and a few chuckles sounded around her.

She forced her mind to work, trying to figure a way out of here but she drew a blank. She didn’t have time to think as she heard movement to her right. There was the sound of crushing glass as someone stepped toward her. You can kind of expect those things in an alley after all…

She tensed, despite the fact all her muscles screamed in protest, as a hand closed around her throat and lifted her off the ground. The man’s grip was loose enough that she could still breath a bit but tight enough to keep her suspended above the ground. Her lips parted slightly, fighting for air as she hung there, wishing that she could be anywhere but here.

There was another ripple of laughter from the surrounding guys and another one man stepped forward. She was lowered back to the ground so she supported herself as the second man approached, even though the first one kept his hand on her throat.

Suddenly someone was feeling up her hurt arm. ’What the fuck…’ she thought, though she barely had time to finish that thought because that hands got a grip and pulled… hard.

Normally she wasn’t a screamer but that hurt like a bitch and her scream broke the momentary silence as her shoulder was popped back into its socket. She clenched her teeth against the pain as she listened to the laughs and high fives that went around. Well at least they were having fun.

”Hey babe how about you and me have some fun tonight” the man gripping her neck man murmured in a tone that was probably the closest thing he’d ever get to seductive. She could feel his breath on her face, which was rather helpful for what she was about to do.

The End

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