Close to nothing, Far from everything

just a whim. I don't know where I'm going with this yet

It was winter. My hair was white from my walk to school this morning, because as I was turning the corner onto North Street, Noah Adams, Jake Connaway, and Billy Johnson had dumped a pile of snow on my head by shaking the branch of a pine tree above me. As fuming angry as I was, I couldn't help but chase after them with fistfulls of snow, all the while flinging the round balls at them.

These guys I had known forever, since before preschool, even. We lived on the same street, and they had always picked on me. After all, the only friends I had ever had were three obnoxious, immature, and overly confident boys. There were no girls near my house, and all the girls at school absolutely despised me. Probably because all the boys liked me, but I was too shy to admit it.

Whenever we needed partners for a project, there was a line of guys waiting for me, and the lucky winner was generally the first one to sprint over to my schooldesk. Yes, I was extremely popular, but also shy. Where that came from, I have no idea. My Mom and Dad were both outgoing and members of practically every charity and organization in a 50 mile radius. There lives were much like mine at school. Everyone hated them. Just goes to show the world is a High School, even if we don't know it.

The End

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