Chapter 9: Metine City :Nova's POVMature

The city was incredible looking, reflective glass buildings, futuristic cars and even the people were advanced in anatomy, on the way here the leader of this group told me that their bodies reflect the sun’s heat. The group leader’s name was Thenylia, she said that the mayor wanted to talk to me immediatly, so we headed to what i was told was the ‘Goverment Building’ as we approached the place i saw the doors open and Alice being dragged out. As far as she knew, i was safe and probly at home “ALICE!” i ran towards her and hugged her tightly only to be separated in a few seconds of embrace “Nova, Nova! I love you.” She was crying, and i havent seen her cry but maybe twice. “I love you.” Then she was dragged out of my sight, and it was my turn to meet the mayor of Metine City. We went throught the building to the top floor, then through some doors, “oh, hello My name is Fritz and I am the mayor of metine city” i looked around but didn’t see anybody “hello?”  “Over here.” I looked to where I heard the voice and saw a older looking man standing by a fish tank looking at the exotic  f ish “hello my name is Nova.” He sniled and said “nice to meet you Nova.” His smiled creeped me out, especially when his eyes scanned my body up, and down. “excuse me Thenylia, but i would like to speak to miss Nova, Alone.” Thenylia looked at me, then back at the mayor “Yes sir” and she left. The mayor walked toward his desk and sat on the edge of it. “come and sit down in the chair here.” He motioned to a chair in front of his desk and i moved near it “so, Nova how young are you?” I could feel my legs shaking “im, uh seventeen.” His face tilted “really? You look much more, fresh.” I clenched in disgust “wht do you want with me?” he sighed “what would any man want with a young exotic beauty like you.” He paused and smiled “you will live with me and my family, you will be the family maid, and my personal assistant.” I felt my stomach drop when he said “personal” because he made sure to emphasize that part. “so, all i have to do is figure out if you are good for the job.” He got off of the desk and walked behind me, I felt his hangs rub my neck, then to my shoulders. I felt his lips touch my neck and i got goosebumps all over. He bit down tenderly, but his teeth felt like razor blades and it could feel them pierce my neck. “Damn, I didn’t expect you to be this tender, I will have to make sure tobe a little more careful.” I could now see a trickle of blood run down from my neck to my shoulder and down my shirt. he leaned down and licked up the blood in delight ,he reachedc the edge of my shirt when I jumped out of my seat “Get the hell off of me perve!” stunned by my reaction, the mayor was speechless . it did not take him long though to gain back composure and say “Nova if you wish to be safe, to be happy, and free, its best if you cooperate with my minor requests.” I squirmed in my seat “so, im supposed to sit here and let you rape me.” He turned his back to me “don’t think of it as rape, think as it as a compromise, i get to fulfill my needs and you don’t have to do anything for the rest of your life. You will live problem free.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes “yes, then we will all live happily ever after right?” he turned back to me. “listen, I am giving you a great deal, and you are going to deal with it.” He pulled me up and pushed me over on top of his desk, his strength was incredible. He could have picked me up and thrown me into the wall across the room if he wanted. He layed me down on the desk and ripped off my clothes, leaving me lying on his desk naked. It didn’t take him long to be standing in front of me naked, his body shining in the light. At first i couldn’t see where his penis was,  but then it came out from his skin and it was big. I guess the woman of this race have deeper vaginas because his cock was as long as his arm and about the same width. He jumped on top of the table onto me and screamed in terror for what was going to happen.

The End

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