Chapter 8: The Mayor: Alizon's P.O.V.Mature

The City was silver, almost metalic, each builing was like a mirror and they were all 3 stories high. The road had solar powered vehicles that resembled cars, to an extent. I was lead down the road until we came to a five story building, which i figured was special since it was the only building that wasn’t three stories. The building had a sign on the door saying:

Welcome to the Metine City’s Goverment center the list of floors                                                                                                      below  will help guide you in finding where you need to go

·  Floor one: Bills and Tax payment  center

·  Floor two: Counsel and Commitee office

·  Floor three: City Management

·  Floor four: Public Relations

·  Floor five: Mayor’s Office

When we got to the doors they opened automatically and we entered . the walls inside were white with posters talking about how much percent the tax was, and how important it is you make your payments on time.  There were chairs along the walls that were filled with people waiting to do whatever they were here to do. Me and the man who interrogated me walked to an elevavator  and entered it, when the doors closed he started to speak again, “okay, now when the mayor speaks, you don’t . when he asks you a question, you answer it.” His tone had changed from the friendly tone, to a firm authoritive tone.when the dors opened  there was a large wall of glass with a door in the middle. The man i was with knocked on the door and said “Mayor, its Kylan, I have the outsider.” I heard a muffled “come in” and we entered. This office was large, with fish tanks and regal looking decor. At the back of the room there was a desk with man sitting behind it, after being told to sit down i was asked a series of questions of why i was here and how i got here. “I see, so your here by curiousity. Well welcome to Metine City.” “thank you sir.” I said curtiously “unfortunatly though, we cannot have outsiders here to disrupt our culture and morals. So, the big question is how to get rid of you.” My mouth dropped in dibelief “could i just go home?” i asked sheepishly “im afraid not, you see, we can’t have you telling anybody how you got here and then have more people getting here, im going to send out a crew to destroy your passage way so nobody can ever come in or go out.” I felt tears in my eyes, but i miss my mom and my dad. They will be worried, they think something terrible happened to me.” I was crying heavily now “dear, something terrible did happen to you. Take her away.” And with that i was dragged away to face my fate.

The End

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