Chapter 7: friend or foeMature

These people were strange looking, they have no clothing or hair, but I guess they dont need clothing if they dont have genitals to hide, we traveled through the forest to get to thier village, on the way they told me the names of the fruit I ate, and they showed me some of the wildlife. It was two hours of walking until they told me we were going to take a break, we were at a river with a steady stream of water flowing. I sat for was probly only five minutes before we continued walking deeper into the forrest, after about an hour and a half i saw the end of the forrest coming up when we reached the end I saw tall green hills with  white and pink flowers on them, i leaned down to pick one of the flowers, and a hand grabbed my arm “these flowers are never to be touched.” I nodded in agreement, but stared at them intently “okay everybody we will have to go around the flowers.” the leader of the group simply said. Everybody agreed and we walked around the pink and white flowers,  i couldn’t help but think that these flowers are special, maybe they are very rare and they are trying to repopluate them so they cant go extinct. The whole time we were walking they made very friendly conversation , and always offered water or fruit so I wouldnt go hungry.right on the other side of the flowers was a city, and as we got closer I could see what kind of people I was dealing with.

The End

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