Chapter 6: the village: Alizon's P.O.VMature

Waking up in this village couldn’t have any scarier than it alreay was, i was tied to a bed that was crudely constructed of tree trunks and leaves, now the bed wasn’t uncomforable, it was the ropes that they used to tie me down. The ropes were made out of vines and they had rubbed my wrists and ankles raw. My vision was quite blurry for a couple minutes, but when i could see clearly, i wished i was asleep. The room i was in had tools made of different materials, some looked harmless, others looked like they belonged in a torture chamber, which for all i know, thats where i could be. After a few minutes of laying there a man walked in and examined me, i was butt naked on the bed and he was eyeing me carefully, after a few minuts of him looking at me he ran his fingers up my leg and started rubbing my thigh, he proceeded to move up my leg slowly until he was at my groin, where he stopped, looked curiously and asked “you know, you and the women here are very close in anatomy, but there are minor differences, your breasts are more developed, your groin is more visually pleasing and the hair on your body.” I quickly spat out “if your going to rape me get it over with, if not leave me the fuck alone.” He smiled, which revealed his transparent teeth, they looked like sharks teeth and when the light hit them, they sparkled. “our people do not ‘rape’.” I sighed in relief “so then what are you doing in here touching me like that, are you going to tear me apart and eat me.” Instead of just smiling, he laughed “we are vegetarians, i am sorry about the touching its just, your skin.” My stomach dropped a little bit “whats wrong with my stomach?” he seemed less amused now “nothing is wrong with it, its just so different, so soft, and delicate.....” when he said delicate I couldn’t help but cringe. I examined his body and it was truly strange, he had no clothing on but you couldn’t see his private parts at all “you must think im a strange creature not having any of my reproduction organs on the outside.” He didn’t say it as a question but more as a statement. “well, it is wierd.” I admitted. He smiled again, this time not as threatening “i suppose so but, this way we are able to protect our organs from damage, they come out as we need them.” He glanced over again at her body, she could she the desire in his eyes, how he wanted to touch her. Alice was always a very open minded person and if was in the right situation she might actually have sex with one of them, but right now it was out of the question. “why am I tied up, im only a seventeen year old girl im no threat to anyone.” He shook his head in disbelief “don’t underestimate yourself, and really your seventeen? So am I.” I looked this man up and down, he had the body of a twenty seven year old. “wow, you guys must not have long lives.” He chuckled “on the contrary we just have a short period of adolescense, we live to be around two hundred years old, although im not sure how your year, and my year would be compared. Actually the real reason why im in here right now is not to make small talk with you but to find out where you came from and how you got from there to here.” I gulped, from what i could see in here, these people didnt seem very high tech at all so they probly wouldn’t be able to believe my story. Should i tell him the truth, or should i lie and make him think i washed up from a old style boat. “it’s too complicated to explain.” I said. He looked at my, this time very intrigued “how so. Please indulge me.” I sigh, “okay, but i doubt you will believe me. In the land i come from our houses are in what they call neighborhoods and in my backyard was a lake that had houses all around it. In that lake was an island, and that island had a cove. Do you follow me?” “ I understand hat your saying, but i dont understand what this has to do with how you got here.” “im getting to that. I was swimming in the cove and when i went underwater, there was a tunnel, i went through the tunnel and when i came to the surface, i was in the an ocean with an island in front of me.” His face wasn’t confused, but he had an expression of understanding. He stood there without speaking for a what seemed like an eternity before he said “okay, i think its time you met our leader.” I didn’t say anything, but i nodded in agreement, the room that i was in was poorly lit except for the small amount of light that showed off his teeth when he smiled, he untied me to get me off the bed and tied my hands behind me when i was up. He led me to the door and pushed me through, the light was so intense i couldnt see anything for a while, but when my vision returned, everything i had thought, changed.

The End

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