Chapter 5: S.O.S: Nova's P.O.V.Mature

I saw it, I saw the silver creature step out of the bushes behind Alice and I saw it shoot him with a blowdart, I saw Alice fall, and I watched as they took her away. I cried so hard as i watched what happened, afraid of what these things would do to her, terrified that i might lose her and be trapped here without anyone. The truth is, I have a terrible sense of direction, and I have a even worse memory. I walked for what felt like forever but everything looked the same and i couldnt tell where we came to shore from. I sat on the shore and cried, I was lost, alone and hungry. I looked around trying to think of what might be safe to eat, I examined a green tree with small orange/red fruits on it. They had thin skin on them and had the texture of a cantalope, I know because I opened one up. I took  bite of the fruit and it was sweet, it was really delicious so I ate four more, after them i took a bite of a purple fruit in the shape of a avacado, i peeled the skin of and took a bite, it tasted sour like a lemon, but it had the texture of a banana.  I didn’t like those that much so I tried one more fruit, this one looked exactly like a kiwi right down to the fuzzy outside texture, after i peeled it however it was bright pink and tasted like a strawberry, I ate six of them. After that I laid down to rest, my stomache was full and I was exaughsted. I woke up to the noise of talking, and suprisingly it was english. When i look around i saw a crowd of creatures around me, they were the same species that captured Alizon “please don’t hurt me.” I whimpered. There was one creature in particular that seemed to be leading this group and it looked at me and said “we do not wish to harm you, we have your friend at our village and she is safe, the man who shot her with a blowdart thought she was going to harm her, but do not worry, it was a tranquilizer dart and she is now awake and well.” Astonished I got up “can you please take me to Alice, my friend?” after hearing the voice the first time i realized this creature was female, her voice was soft and seductive and made you want to go to sleep, it had a comfort that could relate to a loving mother. “yes, we will take you to her.”

So I followed them into the forrest not knowing what i would see next.

The End

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