Chapter 4: The Island: Alizon's POVMature

Nova was tweking out, talking about all kinds of crazy things that could happen, what she doesn’t know yet is that I have already checked this area for anything dangerous, Of course I dont know what this whole island has, since the island is probly as big as Hawaii. The island has beautiful white sand that looks like it belongs in the carribean, the trees are unlike any that i have seen before, they are brown like a normal tree, but the leaves are as big as my body and they are yellow with small speckles of green, the tree itself is maybe 7 feet tall and it has fruit on it that looks like a mango/apple hybrid, and as tempting as this fruit looks, i cant risk eating it and it being poisonous to me. “Nova check out this tree.” I turned around and saw her approaching, “wow Alice that pretty, and look at those fruit, do you think they are safe to eat?” i looked at her unsurely “i dont know, they could be poisonous to us, we might want to try and find out if there is intelligent life here before we eat anyhting, that way we can be safe about what we eat.” Nova looked at me with suprise “your going to be safe?” Nova started to laugh uncontrollably, my face was turning red with frustration. “Nova that isn’t funny! I can be smart sometimes too.” She stopped laughing for a second to squeeze in “yeah Alice, sometimes being the key word there.” And she continued laughing i started to walk away from her because i didn’t want to end up slapping her across the face. I heard her between her laughs say “alice, hahaha, come, hahahaha, back hahaha, im sorry.” What pissed me off more about this, was that it was actually a good idea and she totally made fun of me for it, Nova ran up behind me and had me in her grasp, she turned me around and saw the tears welling up in my eyes, Nova wasn’t pretty by normal standards but to me she was actually cute, shoulder blade length natural blonde hair and deep brown eyes with bits of gold, her body was lightly heavier than average, but i didnt mind. In my head i always wondered if she felt the same way about me that i feel about her, by now i had tears rolling down my cheek and to hide them i put my  face on her shoulder. Nova readjusted my face and wiped the tears from my eyes. I was intentionally avoiding eye contact so that i could stay upset just a little bit longer but i glanced over and saw her eyes filled with guilt and remorse “ im sorry Alice.” “I know Nova”  after much discussion about how we were going to find life on this island we decided that we were going to start with the out edge of the island then go inland, we figure if there is life here, that they would live near the ocean so they could fish and bathe. On our walk along the shore we saw many diferent types of plants and birds, species that we had never seen before. We had walked for about four hours before we saw something, but what we saw. Wasnt human, it was a humanoid but its skin was silver and it had no hair, we hid behind trees and watched it with curiousity, it had a younger creature with it who i could only assume was its child. “Nova, do you think we should approach it and see if its friendly?” I whispered. “I dont really know, What we get hurt by it?” i thought for a second “what if i go and try talking to it and you stay here, if it captures me, then i need you to go home and get help, i know it wont be easy, and they will probly think that your crazy, but you have to convince somebody to come help, Okay?.” She nodded. I stood up and started to approach the creature, its back was toward me so atleast i could get close enough to try talking to it before it ran. I opened my mouth to speak, but i felt a sharp pain in my leg, i looked down and saw a dart in my leg “oh, shit.” Everything was fine for a minute but then things started spinning, then they got fuzzy, then I couldn’t move, I fell, then I was out cold.

The End

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