Chapter 3: M.I.A: Nova's POVMature

The sun on my skin could be compared to many things, the most clever i could think of is the sensitive flesh of a baby being slowly roasted high over a mild flame, and yeah i know that sounds fucked up, but that didn’t originate in my mind, that right there is the twisted concoction of Alice. Speaking of which i havent heard from her in about 20 minutes, which is extremely rare. There are 2 possible reasons for her to be so quiet 1. She got eaten by some lake creature. Or 2. She is doing something devious. To tell he truth i hate both options, so i sat up and surveyed the area from my resting spot on the shore, “damn” there isnt even a ripple in the water. I look behind me into the forest and i see no movement, and i hear no noise. If she had drowned she would be floating in the water if she had been eaten this crystal blue water would probly have a blood tinged color in it, Where the hell is she. I got up and started looking around in the forrest, ready for any suprise she might be trying to scare me with. I searched from one point of the ‘C’ to the other and there was no trace of her. Okay so maybe there are two more options, option 3. She went for a swim on the outer edge of the island instead of in the cove. Option 4. She went back to my house for something. Unfortunatly both of those could cause problems too. After deciding that she will most likely return to the spot i was laying i walked back to the shore. When i finally got back to the shore she was standing there with a devilish grin on her face “oh god alice, where the fuck have you been, and whats up with your face? Did you rape a leprachaun?” slightly amused at the thought she chuckled “nahh no leprechaun, but there is something you have to see.” Instead of arguing with her i decide to just get this over with so I can go back to relaxing. We dove into the water and i followed her to the middle of the ‘C’ on the edge of the cove. “okay Nova first im going to show you what i first saw, then i want to follow me. I know your not going to want to, but you need to.” I nodded unsurely and we went nearly to the bottom of the cove. On the wall of the cove underwater, there was a hole, well I guess more like a tunnel. After looking at Alice then back at the tunnel then back at her she was smiling. We rose to the surface and sfter my first breath i said”NO!” her eyes were enough without her even saying please. “No Alice i absolutley refuse.” She couldn’t help but  respond now. “but Nova I went through it and it was incredible, like i can’t explain to you whats at the end of it.” I studied her face and I had never seen her so intent on anything in my whole time knowing her “ughhh please don’t make me go in there, im clausterphobic, I can’t hold my breath if my life depended on it and, and, its a fucking dark tunnel underwater!” she rolled her eyes and met mine with absolute focus “Nova, if you do this, you will not regret it.” “okay Alice but can I atleast eat some of the food we packed first?” I knew that if i stalled for like an hour that maybe id be able to prevent her from making me go through the tunnel. “Please Nova it will only take 10 minutes.” Her eyes were still so focused on mine I couldn't help but look away. “fine Alice I will go.” “thanks Nova you wont regret this.” We counted to three, then took our plunge into the water, we hurried our pace and once we entered the entrance of the hole Alice went in first and I started to follow. The whole time we were in there my heart was pounding like a a hammer, and I could hardly hold my breath any longer, Alice was at the very end of the tunnel and about to rise to the surface, and I was a few feet behind her. I couldn’t help but wonder what would be at the end of this tunnel that could make her so excited which means either it could be something really awesome or somerthing really terrifying! Now I was at the end of the tunnel and I quickly tried to crawl out. I looked up and saw a light and swam up to it. Since i had water in my eyes i had to wipe them away before taking my first look at whatever Alice had to show me. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what i was seeing, in front of me, was an ocean. From what I could tell we were swimming in an ocean and when we turned around i realized we were on a different island. “Alice, where the fuck are we?” Alice apparently was ove her shock, because she said “welcome to our new home.” Of course I was totally shocked, she couldnt believe that we were going to leave our lives behind and live on an island that couldnt possibly been there. The lake behind my house was a small lake and was surrounded by neighborhoods are far as the eye could see, so it made no sense that there was a tunnel that was only 15 feet long could lead us to an island in the middle of the ocean.”Alice, there cant be an island here, there just cant be, i mist have gotten drowned underwater and im dreaming, wait then, is this hell, or heaven?” “calm down Nova your not dead, if you were, could you feel this?” she grabbed my arm and bit down really hard and i felt a searing pain in my arm. “alright, alright im not dead, but then how do we explain this.” “nova instead of always trying to explain everything, why don’t we just enjoy this?” she was now smiling what seemed to be a sympathetic smile. “Alice, im just scared. Who knows whats out here, this could be an alternate universe where there are dangerous creatures that will try and kill us.” “Nova, Chill we will be fine first lets just get to shore and calm down.”  I nodded and we swam to the shore.


The End

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