Chapter 2: The Hole: Alizon's POVMature

I decided that with Nova resting on the shore, that i should take advantage of this chance to explore the bottom of this cove. Okay so i don’t want to sound concieted but i really should  have joined the swim team, because im an amazing swimmer, i can hold my breath for like a minute, and i dont even practice. At first the bottom of this cove was pretty boring, looking around all all i can see are some small fish and small rocks. Now this wasnt exacly a beach, instead of having a shore that slowly leads into the water, there is a shore then big smooth rocks, after that its a ten foot drop, so after i explore the center of the cove i scanned the rock walls that are surrounding me. Under here you can see that its basically just a bunch of rocks strategically place on top of one another so that no dirt from the island collapses into the cove. When i get near to the center of the ‘C’ along the adge i start to see a hole, but of course at his time i start to lose oxygen so i need to go up and get some air. When i come back to the hole i look inside and see tht its big enough for me to squeeze into, basically its a drak tunnel with a light at the end, i can’t help but to think how stereotypical this is and how lame it will be that i will get to the end and there would be nothing there but an empy pocket of air, regardless of how lame is seems i was determined to go to the end and see. I slowly edged my body into the tunnel and started crawling deep inside, it seemed like an eternity until i got to the end. I saw the surface from underwater and I took a deep breath, when I opened my eyes though, I was filled with an immediate feeling of anxiety.

The End

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