Close To Home...Mature

Alizon and Nova are best friends, but when they come across a strange island with even stranger circumstances, thier friendship will be challenged

Chapter 1 : The Lake

Nova’s  P.O.V.

"come on Nova, It Will be fun." you know, I dont know how many times I have heard this in my life and full heartedly believed it. "fine." I respond its not like it would do any good to argue bacause the longer i argue the longer it will take to get this over with. you see, my friend Alizon is ALWAYS trying to get me to do shit i would rather streak in front of the whole school than do and not only does she annoy the hell out of me to do it, she will NEVER take 'no' for an answer. this is what my life has become, doing stuff i don't want to do, just so i don't have to get a friggin migrane. We slowly enter the lake, now its not really a big lake but its in the shape of a lowercase 'a' with in island in the middle in the shpe of a 'c'. this lake is in my backyard and to me, it has had no other use than to take pictures of, but to Alizon, Alice for short, its "a new adventure that we can explore Together." I personally think its just a bullshit excuse to see how much bullshit she can make me do before i finally get so pissed that I break, she is always manipulating and controlling me but yet, i have never found somebody who is as close as we are. "damn it Alice its fucking cold" im in ankles deep, but she is already in her bra and panties, waist deep in this fuckin lake. "chillax, a little cold isnt going to kill ya." she looks at me with her deep blue eyes. I know this is true, but that isn't the point, the point is that its mid autumn on a partly sunny florida day and i would rather just wait until summer to do this. i continue moving along, and with every step i take i can feel lake goo squelch between my toes "ewww Alice come on this is so gross, are you feeling this shit on the bottom?" I hear a stifled laugh, she looks back at me again "get over it its probly just algae once your as far as i am you cant even touch the bottom." I slowly move in and all of a sudden i feel a drop off, but its already to late I fell all the way in. I hit the bottom with my knees and feel pipes at the bottom. i slowly rise to the surface only to see alice laughing her ass off "damn it Alice why didnt you tell me it gets deep right there?!?" she stops laughing for just a second so she can reply with a simple "it'd be funny to see you fall." what a good friend. I start swimming to try and catch up with her, but shes an awesome swimmer, im a pretty good swimmer but shes a natural floridian, one who has spent her whole life in the water. me, im from new jersey. we have beaches there its just we aren't as water bound as these florida people.I start to finally catch up to her and next thing I know shes under water, I stare in frustration "damnit!" I start swimming again because im halfway to the island now and im not going to just stop just because she is being immature, but thirty seconds later she still isnt up. the water is a dirty greenish color and is dense, so basically ther is no chance for me to see her in the water. I expected for her to grab my ankle and pull me down, but she is still underwater. i get to the shore of the island and stand there, looking at the water with curiousity "where the fuck did you go?" suddenly im thrusted back in the water and I see alice on the shore."goddamnnit Alice, your such a bitch. how the hell did you do that?" Alice's face revealed mild amusement from her joke and she replied "well, all I had to do was swim fast underwater until i got around the corner of the "C" then once i was out of your sight, I climbed onto the shore and waited behind some trees." I looked at her and simply stated "your a bitch." she smiled full heartedly and replied " I love you too." by this time i was just getting back onto the shore. "so Alice, now that we are here what do you plan on doing." she looked around as if the answer was hidden among the trees "well i saw a vine swing in the center of the 'C', i figured we could swing on it for a while and then explore the island a bit more." I tried looking around the edge of the trees to see if i could see the deep part of the 'C' but it was blocked by the dense forrest."come on Nova lets head on over, this place is so cool." I couldn't help but grumble a "mhmm" as a resonse. as we headed into the forrest I realized how wierd this really is, I live in a normal neighborhood but, in the backyard there is a lake, but not just a lake, there is a island in the middle of it, but of course its not just an island it has dense trees and bushes that cover it, and since the island is in the shape of a "C" is has what i guess could be reffered to as a 'Cove' now who knows what kind of animals live in this lake let alone in the cove of the island. "Alice, are you sure its safe to swim in the cove of this place?" she didn't even look back at me but said "well, we swam here and didnt get bit, or eaten by anything and since its daytime you’d think that the most dangeroius creatures would be swimming around the lake, and not be isolated in the cove." we were nearly to the cove, I could see it, the water looked sky blue and was clear but you could hardly see the bottom. "Alice just because we got here in one piece doesnt mean that there isn't anything dangerous around here." she was now at the edge of the water in the cove and i was coming close behind, when i got to the cove, i swear I creamed my pants a little bit. when you look up, there are trees almost covering the top of the cove except for a big circle that conveniently has the sun in the center of it. the water was crystal blue and when i put my hand in it, it was slightly warmer than the water we were previously swimming in. all of a sudden i see Alice running toward the water screaming "cannonball!" and a mist hit my face, I followed her into the water and the water was like heaven, it wasnt too warm or too cold. we swam for a couple hours and swung on the thick vine that flung us into the center of the cove then relaxed by the shore and tried to get a tan. "Nova im going to explore the bottom of the cove, wanna come?" now, i loved this cove, that much was for sure, but the thought of actually going to the bottom of it terrified me. not only would it scare the shit out of me but im not exactly good at holding my breath under water "nahh you go ahead and have fun Alice im going to stay here and enjoy the sun." I guess since she saw i was actually having a good time she decided not to ruin it with nagging me."okay Nova, suit yourself." and with that she dove right back into the cove. With her in the water, I decided to take a nap

The End

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