You stay in the hole overnight

"They're gone" you whisper to the girl, "Well, at least for now."

Looking into the darkness behind you, its difficult to make out exactly where the girl and her pet monkey are exactly but you know they are behind you. Moving back from the hole you curl up pulling your cloak over you.

"Better wrap up as best you can, its going to be a cold night and we're going to have to stay here. I cant risk bumbling across those fools in the dark. We'd never make it out alive" 

There's a slight scuffling and a shadow appears in front of you and u recognise it to be the girls monkey friend, "Are we safe?" it asks the fear engrained in its voice.

"For now yes. So long as the knights don't come back this way. You and your lady friend get some sleep and i'll take first watch"

There's a giggle from the monkey, "I don't need sleep my friend, I'd have thought you'd gather that from when i first met you"

Silently you remember how he had turned a key in his chest and had been active all the way to now. "In that case i'll leave you to take watch and trust that you'll wake me if there's trouble"

The monkey giggled again,"Of course" and then it scampered from the hiding place. There was another shuffling as the girl crept up to lie besides you obviously for warmth. Wrapping as much cloak about her as you could spare you close your eyes with only thought on your mind: Can I trust him?

The End

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