Hiding beneath a great fallen tree — Hunted

Pausing you stare at the girl momentarily embroiled in a battle borne of your fascination that the girl of your dreams is here in the flesh before you and the mystery of your fate lying beyond this current predicament.

Crack! Crack! Snap! The sounds are getting closer and you realise that the Paladin and his men will have to pass by this way, no doubt the Paladin specialising in tracking as your luck would have it. Cursing slightly you readjust your quiver and tighten your grip in you bow and turn to the girl,

"Quickly follow me and try not to make too much noise" you whisper as you quickly stalk past her and backtrack the way you came heading towards the guards. The crashings are louder and then your stomach flips as you realize that the paladin is smarter than you gave him credit for, he's had his men spread out. Stopping to try and guage where the nearest man to you is you feel a soft delicate hand be placed on your shoulder and as you turn the girl mutely points towards a fallen tree some 30 yards infront and to the right. There is a gap beneath it  and you quickly nod your head at the girl to hide there. While she makes good her escape you knock an arrow to your bow and wait to see if anyone gets to close but the crashing begins to fade slightly and so you replace the arrow and quickly join the girl and the "monkey" under the tree.

You hide not a moment too soon for no sooner are you hidden out of sight in the dark realm of the woodland insects than a pair of armoured legs come running and halt infront of your hiding place. You cannot see whose legs they are without at least putting your shoulders out of the hole and risking detection. But your sharp hearing detects the low panting of someone quite young, perhaps a fresh knight, who knows. Not long after his arrival the knight is joined by others and then you hear it,

"Well where are they? they cant have gotten far" the paladin booms

"Sir i'm sure the tracks led this way, most definately" came a reply,

"Fools. The lot of you. None of you will leave this forest until you have found her and preferably him as well. Understood? None of you. If you are so much as think of attempting to enter the castle i will have you publicly flogged for a week"

Not daring to breath you listen but hear only mutters of resentment as the Paladin walks away, then slowly the others leave too, all as one. Perhaps to try and get food or to rest a moment after running all this way after you in their armour. But you care not because they haven't found you or the girl and you live. for now.

The End

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