You try again for the shoulder, hoping to immobilize his sword-arm.

As the world seems to slow about you, you sight the glinting end of your arrow at the Paladins neck but then at the very last second move your shot and release the arrow and duck-spin out of the way hearing the whistle of air as the sword starts to cleave through the air very close to where you were seconds ago. You look up in time as you hear an aguished curse and you find your arrow firmly lodged in between the plates of the Paladins armour and his clutching about it tells you that it has managed to pierce the several layers of metal that he wears and struck his arm. Not savouring this little victory of your archery prowess you immediately grab the girl by the wrist and pull her to you,

"Run" you tell her and push her infront of you. then turning back you make sure that the Paladin is still firmly otherwise engaged in other things before turning yourself and fleeing from the scene after the girl.

You find her resting against a large tree panting for breath, as you stop in front of her she looks up at you silently with a silent expression in her eyes:

thank you

The End

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