say nothing but lower your staff and get ready to fight

You clench your fist, encircling it in a dim green light. You have fed off the energies of the forest, so your magic mimics those natural qualities.

"Silent type, eh?" the guard grunts. "But not the strong silent type, foul magician."

The guard lets loose a few loud laughs, deep echoes from his barrel-like chest. Birds fly from their roosts at the noise, fleeing the coming conflict.

You lock your eyes with the guard's, both unblinking. The green light coalesces into a murky mist, gaining substance and form. A gasp from the woman sends your eyes shifting to hers, and you are momentarily taken aback.

They are white, clouded over. She is blind.

Focus returns as the guard rushes towards you, his loud warcry barely drowning out the hum from his sword. One of the edges saws back and forth, serrated teeth eager to bite flesh and bone.

Your palm automatically stretches out, releasing the mass of green magic. The missile flies into the shoulder of the guard, spinning him slightly but not stopping his stampede.

"That the best you can do, trickster?"

The sword swings past you as you dodge, almost impossibly. Trusting your abilities, you close your eyes for a moment and summon more power from the grove, seeing and sensing and shaping it to do your bidding.

Sure enough, a tangle of thorned vines erupt from the ground, clawing desperately at the legs of the guard. His machinated sword makes short work of the animated plants, though, chopping them with ease.

This provides a few seconds, seconds in which you dart to the side of the damsel, grabbing her shoulder as tenderly as your sense of urgency allows.

"This way, come!"

She nods, face following the sound of your voice to stare unseeing into your eyes.

"I will lend you my power, magician."

"We don't have time!" You urge. "We need to run! He's distracted by the vines, we can escape if only we start running now!"

The End

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