Dare.."I deny that accusation sir"

“What did you say, fool?”

“I said, ‘I deny your accusation,’” you retort. “And you won’t call me fool, captain.”

The bulky man guffaws, his pauldrons heaving as his shoulders sigh. “And just why not?”

“Because I’m a mage of the Royal Court, sir,” you seethe.

You are met by four surprised stares, though none belong to the captain. He merely allows a heartier bellow to escape his lungs, his sword sliding deftly back into his scabbard.

“Oh, so sorry, Magician Laureate,” he mocks.

The scowl remains fixed on your face, and the forgotten girl shivers in the shadows.

“But,” he continues, hand resting atop the pommel of his now-sheathed sword. “Have you proof of your position?”

A twitch at the corner of your lips blossoms into a sly smile, and you raise a palm parallel to the ground, stretched out towards one of the guards. He shakes in his boots, quivering and quaking.

The shaking of his knees intensifies as a red light blooms in your palm, casting a malicious glare on the sides of trees and up the silver armour of the guards, blood-bathed in appearance.

“Will this suffice, captain?”

A yelp echoes through the forest in the same instant the light fades, leaving only six people in the clearing: you, the girl, the captain, and three guards.

The area is silent for a few moments, but everyone shifts suddenly and stares as a curious clinking issues from the ground, a squirrel escaping from beneath an iron breastplate.

“You… y… you… my man… you…” the captain stumbles over his syllables, unable to form a complete thought.

A laugh, almost a snort, escapes your lips, sending the captain’s eyes upwards to lock with yours.

The End

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