You rush the Assembler, sword brandished.

A cry on your lips and a sword in hand, you glide towards the woman. Your footfalls match the beating of your heart, a perfect rhythm established in your veteran body.

As you draw nearer to her she cocks her head slightly, hands still moving in a seemingly frantic fashion. The blue light pulses brighter before finally exploding in a brilliant flash, blinding you momentarily.

But she, too, as lost her concentration: your sudden appearance the catalyst of the dispersion of her magic.

Off to the side you can hear the guttural roar of the beast, foggy eyes unfocused but looking in your direction. Between it and you is a crashing mountain of falling metal, heaping upon itself and trailing subtle blue ribbons of light.

“You fool!” the woman spits, fingers splayed and gathering a faint glow.

Your own eyes are torn between the sight of the Assembler stalking angrily and aggressively towards you, power pulsing in her palms, and the spectacle that is the defeated golem, folding inwards on itself and compressing, and constricting, and condensing.

A quick turn back to the Assembler sets you stepping backwards, sword still brandished before you and whirring softly, the gears inside it brought to mechanical life.

And another glance at the golem reveals that it is, in fact, disappeared, and replaced with an iron trinket shining in the moonlit clearing.

Meanwhile the beast stomps great taloned feet on the ground, raising clouds of dust. The beast is feral and an obvious threat, and the young woman can be reasoned with, but there are only moments to commit to a course of action.

The End

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