You Dare...and Deny It.

"Of course not," your voice rings across the clearing, cool and calm. "She is but a simple peasant girl, nothing of value to me."

The last words hurt, though the young woman shows no sign of hearing them, unable to wince at their sting.

"Fool!" the knight laughs, a bellow like those in the forge. "She is no girl" - the word is spat, harsh - "but an abomination! A golem of human figure!"

You flex your fingers, a swift whir audible only to yourself.

"You don't say?"

"She is contrary to the will of the gods!" the knight cries, gaining volume with every few words.

A paladin, then, you think to yourself. And a bioextremist to boot, as well. This could get ugly.

"Sir, your eyes deceive you! Look at her skin, her eyes, her hair!"

She stands still at between you and the knight, an unbreathing statue with an uncanny human quality.

"You are beyond reasoning," the knight mutters, taking strides towards the young woman.

Her eyes are fixed on you, glassy and unblinking, her thin lips mouthing a simple message.


You spring into action, bow stretched before you and arrow notched. You let it fly over the knight's shoulder, the fletching slicing a red gash on his cheek.

He swears, brandishing his sword in a frenzy. He rushes past the girl, still rooted to the spot, and instead bounds toward you.

Not good.

Another arrow flies from your bow as you take a deft leap backwards, striking the knight's shoulder. The arrow is merely lodged between plates, though, and the blade is still swinging towards you with vengeful might.

Notching another arrow, your draw it back beside your ear, your hand giving a faint clicks as it moves.

The knight stands before you, the world seems to slow. You have mere seconds to decide what to aim for.

The End

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